Basic Information:
Name – Anuja Patil
Age – 32
Village – Usarani
District – Palghar.
SHG – Shree Ganesh
V.O – Ashmita
SHG joining year – 4th Feb 2015


Intervention by MSRLM:

  • Floriculture, Vegetable, SRI, Dairy, Equipment Bank – Reeper.
  • Loan Given through RF $ 156 and  $ 389 from bank linkage for vegetable cultivation

Livelihood Model – 

  • Provided information about Organic farming, quality improvement through Nursery of chilly, papaya and drumstick through SRI technique.
  • For vegetable Cultivation seedlings prepared in own nursery.
  • Investment made – $ 1247
  • Loan Return – $ 156 RF loan returned


  •  Income increase in self, SHG, VO, Village, Cluster, -Self Rs. 1,40,000.
    Turn over due to interventions –
  • Vegetable Cultivation : $ 3587
  • Nursery-Chilly, Papaya, Drumstick : $1559  Dairy: $ 93 .  Number of Families given enterprise from Village & Cluster-
    5 members

Support we got :

  •  I am working as Master-Community Resource Person (M-CRP) in Umed and that has given me respect in village. Umed has given financial support through SHG . But Umed has given this important and supported.
  •  I was having my own small nursery and following traditional practises but after Umed intervention and technical support of BAIF we construct shed net for chilly seedlings. And because of that is got good healthy seedlings in less days.
  •  Due to Umed we have started use of Jevamrut, Dashaparni ark and Neemastra in vegetables as well as in floriculture.
  •  We got equipment bank from special livelihood project in which Reeper has minimise cost of labour and other farmers also benefited