Convergence : Mathurabai Vasave

An energetic and very charismatic Matuhraben joined the savitri SHG dring the 5th CRP round on 21/06/2014.
Before joining the SHG she was depended on migration and was in debt from local money lenders. Her husband used to work in a restaurant opposite the bus stop in Bhandara district. And used to earn a sum of rs.2500/- per month. This amount was very less and he could not sustain his family with the little amount of money that he was getting. He had to stay away from the family and he was a very unhappy man. Although very talented his skills were not appreciated and he did not have any job satisfaction. And to add to the misery he also is a paralysis patient and one side of his body is paralysed. She had to stay away from her husband and would have to wait for her husband to bring home some money. She would migrate to the city areas to meet her daily expenses.

During the fifth round of the CRP (community resource person) round when a team of CRPs arrived in Khatawani village, little did she know that she would get some relief from her problems. Only after three months of joining the SHG, she took a loan of Rs. 5000/- and opened a small hotel in her village outside her house. Her husband had the skill and experience of more than 20 years so they started the hotel with just three products viz., Kachori, Chiwada and Bhajiya.

Today they have a business of Rs.600/- per day. Mathurabai says it get really crowded in the evenings and they get a lot of customers. Their daily expense is Rs. 450/- and hence they have a profit of 150/- per day. Her husband is happy to work at his own village and loves doing his job now. He does not have to listen to any boss and is not answerable to anyone, does not have to stay away from the family. His spirits are high and he is in a better position to look after his family.

They have a daughter named geeta who currently is studying in her 11th science. When asked she says “kismet me jo hoga who banungi” and starts blushing. Mathurabai and her husband want her study hard and become an officer.

They now want to start introducing more products after the initial success. They have bigger and better plans for her daughter and are very sure that they will achieve it with the help of MSRLM.