Convergence : Monika Sarvale

Monika sarvale is a president of Radhakrushna Self-Help group which Belongs to JivanJyoti Village organization. Monika tai also work as a convergence CRP for Jivanjyoti VO. Everything she learn from the training which she got from Umed, as it is she started trying to implementing in her own village. So far she better understand that, women not going to understand whenever they didn’t get any benefits for whatever she trying to convince them. So she started everything with herself.
Initiated kitchen garden for their combined family to save huge amount of money which she was spending every week on vegetables. Monika Tai was a part of Umed convergence Training which was held in June, 2017 for kitchen garden. She got inspired from the training and decided to have one kind of kitchen garden model for her own family and then she is spreading it towards whole village. In the fallowing week he has made one kitchen garden layout in his own land. The model she made for her family which was in circular shape and has 7 different ways and 14 beds for plantation. This model was made by Rajmata jijau mission which is partner agency of Umed. She made this circular model as it is and complete all important things which needs to do. Today her kitchen garden producing 1 to 1.5 kg amount of vegetables which is fresh and grown without any kind of pesticides

Monika Tai said the test of vegetables she having from her kitchen garden is very different than, our regular vegetables which we brings weekly basis from market. Kitchen gardens vegetables are testier than regular because they grow without any chemical pesticides. Now she has bitter gourd, brinjal, tomato, pumpkin, carrots, coriander leaf, green chillies, cluster beans, curry leaf, fenugreek leaf, sneak gourd, ridged gourd, etc. vegetables in her kitchen garden. Before kitchen garden Monika Tai was consuming 300- 400 rupees per week on vegetables. Now her kitchen garden is sufficient for her family and saving almost 1500 rupees per month.

Monika Tai has 15 members in her family 5 males and 4 women and 7 children. Using toilets and adequate amount of green vegetables in their diet his family’s health status has growing. She hope that every villagers have these facilities to maintain their health status and save lots of money which they can use for their livelihood. Monika Tai herself is lactating women and now she know everything she has to do for herself and his child in the concerned of Health, Nutrition and WASH. Because the nutri garden her dietary diversification made easy and her families health status has been growing.

Monika Tai has been started working on convergence in his own village from February 2017 and she made his own GP and VO ODF in August 2017 with the help of his Village CTC, Sarpanch. Monika Tai has major role in making her village ODF. Now all families from the bhambewadi village has been practicing safe sanitation practices like using toilets and washing hands with soap after defecation and all important timing.