Livelihoods : Harshala Gavad

Basic Information:
Name – Harshala Gavad
Age – 39
Village – Maykhop
District – Palghar
SHG – Omsai
V.O – Ekta
SHG joining year – 2014

Intervention by MSRLM:

  • Type of Intervention–Catering Services and Custom Hiring Center
  • Improved Agricultural Practices such as System of Rice Intensification (SRI)
  • Loan Given – Taken loan through RF of $ 234 and Community Investment Fund (CIF) $ 935

Livelihood Model:-

  • Joined in SHG in the Year 2014
  • MSRLM conducting extensive trainings for community which has created an opportunity for providing catering services our SHG decided to run the business of Catering Services
  •  In year 2016-17 with gaining confidence we have initiated Cus-tom Hiring Centre with the CIF support of $ 935.


  • Women Farmers availed services of Custom Hiring Centre.
  • Number of Families given enterprise from Village & Cluster – 10 members
  • Equipment/Implement bank given to Self Help Group due to efforts taken by SHGs women’s through special livelihood project minimise the risk of labour and time
  • Catering Services needs human capital therefore all the 10 members are actively participated in the activity and earn god remuneration compared to the agricultural
  • wage labour work.
  • Promotion of SRI method of paddy cultivation created scope for use of Improved agricultural equipment’s for Intertillage thereby creating better livelihoods options.
  • Turn over due to interventions – Catering Services $ 4679, Custom Hiring Center : $ 1247,x System OF Rice Intensification : 60 % women SHG members practicing SRI from last 3 years.

Support we got :

  • Umed has shown us pathway for beginning the business of catering services. Now we are in position to handle big orders such as wedding ceremonies various events.
  • For Custom Hiring Center umed team has help us for selection of Equipments, publicity at village level.
  • Got various training on System of Rice Intensification for Paddy Cultivation help me lot to increase yield of my house as will as help me to scale same intervention in village.
  • Diesel Engine and Pipes through Convergence with 90% subsidy from Panchyat Samiti Palghar
  • Financial Support of $ 234 from RF and $ 935 from Community Investment Fund (CIF) under MSRLM– UMED. Planning for Expansion of Catering Business With $ 3119 Bank Loan

Challenges : As our SHG was new we are having less capital to begin with.