livelihoods : Pushpa Morga

Basic Information:
Name – Pushpa Morga
Age – 25
Village – Jamsar
District – Palghar.
SHG – Saraswati
V.O – Zashichi Rani.
SHG joining year – 2015

Intervention by MSRLM – 
Type of Intervention – Jasmine Cultivation, SRI, Vegetable Cultivation, Non –Farm Chicken centre.
Loan Given – Taken loan through Investment Fund (CIF) $ 23, bank loan of Rs.60,000, total investment of $ 140.

Livelihood Model –

  • Intervention with MSRLM in 2015.
  • Existing livelihoods of woman– Farming, Midday Meal, Cane Juice Center and Chicken Center.
  • Capacity Building Program on jasmine cultivation, SRI and vegetable cultivation.
  • Livelihood intervention with various model, capacity building and guidance on floriculture – Jasmine and package of practices on vegetable on 0.4 acre of land.
  • Integrated model with multiple livelihoods options such as Mogra Cultivation, vegetable cultivation, fishery, Kirana Shop, Catering Services, Rationing shop etc.


  • Livelihood intervention provided an additional source of income.
  • Now she is earning additional income for herself and needful of her family.
  • Her total investment is of $ 1403. and loan returned till date is $ 234 ,making total turn over of $ 4445
  • Turn over due to interventions :
  • Jasmine, Vegetable cultivation and chicken centre– $ 4445
  • Because of UMED, I was a president of Village Organisation and I used to conduct weekly meetings for livelihood development. Also I have learned some new techniques after watching various videos on floriculture cultivation.
  • Because of intervention, production has increased by SRI method in paddy and floriculture.
  • Learned about Agri-mechanization and technical aspect for farming. Now my family is supporting the business.

Support we got – 

  • On field training on SRI method for paddy cultivation.
  • Package of practise on vegetable cultivation and floriculture.
  • Got knowledge about various bank financing program and through that we got finance and got to know about process of it for our business and interventions.

Challenges : Still a way to go for expansion of business.