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SHG E-Book Keeping System using Tablet PC

In congruence with the Government of India’s “Digital India” campaign, Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MSRLM) has taken up an ambitious project, the ‘’SHG E-Book Keeping System using Tablet PC’’ to digitize all the SHG transaction records through a Tablet based software.

About the Tablet based Ebookkeeping system:

Web based “online” solution is designed to monitor the day to day activities along with MIS on a real time basis. All the data uploaded to server is represented through various graphical as well as textual reports, which will help in monitoring the particular SHG at a micro level, lag in project performance and monthly progress of program. The web application can be accessed at cluster level, block level, district level and state level with data view confined to SHGs operational at that level. Thus state gets a complete picture of the program and has access to analytical reports supporting in decision support system, while cluster level get to see the status of information updates from tablets in their area, track SHG and VO lifecycles, financial pendency and plan their activities accordingly.

The solution in totality is a transaction based MIS system, which helps in capturing transaction details at ground level with ease of operation by community. The Monthly Progress Report can be derived from the data provided by SHGs. Till all SHGs are able to provide the data regularly, the MPR data can be entered by cluster coordinator and verified and approved at block level. This monthly MPR can be ported to NRLM portal to avoid duplicate entry of same data.

The system is able to capture financial details and generate balance sheet, ledger, progress report card and other financial reports at SHG level.

The solution provides a complete SHG accounting and MIS system with additional modules for capacity building, livelihoods, bank linkage, project intervention tracking, SHG product marketing. SHG gradation, bank loan applications can be through the system and additional interface are provided for Bankers to review the loan proposal online.

The solution is designed to be enable collaboration, improve and offers multiple avenues to collaborate (SHG Members, CBOs, Mission/Government, Banking) keeping everybody informed about various facets of SHG movement – sharing success stories, products, weak and strong SHGs, email notification, alerts, comments, forums etc. It offers spectrum of ways to facilitate SHG collaboration and improve visibility over SHG members.

Leaps and Bounds Pvt. Ltd has designed and customized this software for MSRLM-Umed and provides it as Software as Service charging for per SHG usage on tablet. NABARD provides subsidy on Software as Service usage cost to Leaps and Bounds.

Key features

  1. Online – Offline versions
  2. Ease of access for CBOs
  3. Local Language support
  4. Multiple user access levels
  5. Transaction based MIS
  6. Reports in English and Marathi languages
  7. GIS based dashboard
  8. Decision Support System
  9. SMS alert and notifications
  10. Online Support Centre
  11. Provision for bank linkage
  12. Improve collaborative and productivity
  13. Hosted on certified cloud infrastructure


Implementation Status

The Pilot has been implemented in the three Intensive blocks – Wardha, Seloo and Deoli, of Wardha district. The pilot is targeted at 176 Village Organisations here, where one tablet is distributed to every Village Organisation, and will be used to maintain its records of accounts. This will facilitate availability of data on a real time basis.

Status of E-Book Keeping Pilot in Wardha District on 16/11/2015
Wardha, Seloo & Deoli - Clusterwise VO Covered on Tablet
ParticularsWardhaDeoliSelooWardha District
No. of VOs.625856176
No. of Tabs distributed to VOs625056168
No. of SHG in VOs whose financial one time uploaded7255615221808
Total SHGs attached to VOs having Tablet7255225111758

The online version of the system can be accessed at

Training held in order to train the VO Accountants regarding the functioning of the Tablet.

Workshop held in Wardha District in order to sensitise the Key Officials and involve the Bankers in the Pilot project.

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