Sr.No. Procurement Details Reference No. Download
1 Tender for Hiring of Event Management Agency to provide various material and services on rental basis for Additional Saras – August 2019 Exhibition
2 Request for Quotation (RFQ) to develop and host web-based online application and facilitation for scrutiny of applications
3 Tender for Engagement of an Agency for operating A Job Helpline for Jobseekers & Employers in Maharashtra
4 Request for quotation – Replacing CLF bulb by LED bulb
5 Tender for Providing Repairing and Comprehensive Maintenance Contract of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting System Installed installed erected at Gram Vikas Bhavan, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
6 List of Consignee -Desktop Computers
7 List of Consignee-Multi function Machines MFM(1)
8 List of Consignee -Computer Printer
9 Tender for Hiring of Logistic Management Agency for conducting various training and workshops
10 Tender for hiring of catering services for Gram Vikas Bhavan, Kharghar
11 Request for quotation for Replacement of Electric cabling earthing and other MISC work
12 Request for quotation for Dismantling & re-erection of HT,LT & APFC panel at Gram Vikas Bhavan
13 Request for Quotation for MISC work at GVB
14 Request for Quotation for Water Proofing Work
15 Hiring of consultant to provide technical support in construction and other engineering related work to MSRLM & Gram Vikas Bhavan, Kharghar
16 Tender for Supply of Stationary to (SMMU) MSRLM, Navi Mumbai
17 Hiring of District Level Jr. Individual Consultant- Financial Inclusion
18 Hiring of Mid-Level Consultant – Non Farm – Market Linkages