Livelihoods : Vaibhavi Patil

Basic Information:
Name – Vaibhavi Patil
Age – 39
Village – Dhisar, Tal, dsit: Palghar.
SHG – Shravani SHG
V.O – Adarsh
SHG Joining year – 2014

Intervention by MSRLM:

  • Vaibhavi received training on Poultry business and SRI-Paddy cultivation
  • Floriculture, organic practices and technology driven paddy cultivation ae also sought by Vaibhavi.
  • Selected as a master trainer for Training on Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP) and received 3 day course
  • Trained as a CTC trainer at cluster and district levels.


  • A Farmers Producers Organisation is set up wherein Vaibhavi is on the board of Directors. The FPO-Yashwanti is focused on paddy, vegetables and floriculture .
  • 5 women cultivating 2000 Jasmine saplings are earning average $ 7 per day .
  • The improved Paddy cultivation –System of Rice Intensification( SRI) is yielding $234 per year from two crops.
  • Up scaled her own business of cycle repairing to puncture repairing shop with a daily income rise of $ 15
  • Working as Community Trainer Cadre( CTC) and earning $ 187.20 per month at cluster and district level trainer and has trained almost 5000 women .
  • Facilitated trainings of Warli artisans in her clusters.

Support we got:

  • Vaibhavi only a housewife earlier now has transformed herself from being Internal CRP to Agriculture CRP to a Community Trainer .
  • The increase in own decision making power, getting support of family members has increased over the time.
  • The confidence, commitment with community and ownership in various activities has helped Vaibhavi gain reputation in the market.
  • Now, a transformed Vaibhavi Tai, helps reach UMED mission in every corner of district